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Ive always identified myself as “mixed” rather than Native American, Mexican, or  Puerto Rican. Becaue i simply never fit in with any if those categories, I was never hispanic enough, native enough or carribean enough. I look different and im begining to be okay with that (:


African American, Native American, & Italian.


25-year-old mixed korean-american learning/trying/failing to not feel like such an impostor by claiming my own identity. my heritage is not contingent on whether or not i remember my mother tongue. i don’t have to prove myself. i’m angry that i’ve been convinced that i had to this whole time. 

Chandola Family, 2013. Citizenships: Indian, Korean. Ancestries: Indian, Korean. Languages: English, Korean, Mandarin, Hindi. Live in Beijing. Photographed by CYJO

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Often we’re treated like exotic flowers, who should feel complimented when people say stuff to us like, “All biracial women are so beautiful” or “I would kill for your skin.” One of the hardest things about growing up the way I did is feeling like you need to choose one racial identity over another just to fit in. The fact that strangers constantly ask you to identify yourself (forcing you to put yourself in a category) makes you feel conspicuous and gazed upon. You catch strangers looking at you. You know what they want to ask you. You know that they won’t leave you alone until you give them a rundown of your heritage.

I’m Biracial, and That Cheerios Ad Is a Big Fucking Deal. Trust Me.

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hawaiian/japanese/chinese/portuguese. fetishizers ain’t gettin none of this ;)


hawaiian/japanese/chinese/portuguese. fetishizers ain’t gettin none of this ;)


My name is Deena. I’m 20 years old. I’m mixed with Palestinian and Moroccan. 



So, here’s me, Filipino, native American and black. Happy Asian fave appreciation day


only photo I could find where we don’t look like idiots, and even so, we’re in a bath tub.



Charlotte?? Small world!